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A Pilot Study about the Incidence of Communication Skills on the Results of Volleyball Matches over a Full Season

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Focus of the study is to verify the incidence of performance analysis data of bodily communication in volleyball, in order to evaluate the benefits of approving bodily communication points for a new categorization of data points. In detail, the purpose of this study is to verify if any technical skill related to the fundamental of the attack can be characterized by the bodily communication and if it can affect game results. The study result can help the coaches to consider the function of bodily communication in volleyball. The method of study combines the theoretical-argumentative approach with experimental approach of performance analysis. The survey of data is entrusted to performance analysis methodology, carried out gradually with the help of experts, coaches and analysts. The results show as this study can help the coach to train the team for improving the analyzed technical skills in different mode, creating a methodological system training to enhance the performance.



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