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Radio Kashmir’s Attempt to Dispel Negative Impact on Kashmir Society

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This research paper throws light upon the importance and role of Radio Kashmir as one of the most strategic and vital media tools in helping security forces, people of Kashmir and the nation in combating militancy and guarding the territorial integrity of India in Jammu and Kashmir that faces an existential problem with respect to its geo-strategic position and a very hostile neighbor in the shape of Pakistan. The paper lists and highlights many instances when the institution of Radio not only rebuffed vicious Pakistani propaganda against India on Jammu and Kashmir but successfully cleared the air on many issues that created a favorable public opinion viz-a-viz India both in times of peace and war. This commentary underscores the position of Radio which continues to perform an exemplary role in this direction even in present times due to virtual non-existence of private broadcasting channels in many (still) inaccessible areas of this border State. The paper also suggests the need to strengthen media institutions like Radio Kashmir to perform as an agency that disseminates successfully India‟s view point, policies and programmes and its being a modern and fast developing secular democracy that is non-existent in our neighborhood.