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A New Skew-normal Model for the Application-oriented Skew-t Model

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Among many papers of Professor Clive W. J. Granger, the one that strongly draws my attention is his work [7] using the skew-t model to analyze common factors in conditional distributions for bivariate time series. Different from many existing versions of theory-oriented skew-t models, the skew-t model that Professor Granger and his collaborators used was directly motivated by applications in analyzing economics data. This application-oriented skew-t model has discernible features on enabling model flexibility and keeping the practical standardizing conditions [10]. On the other hand, the skew-t model is in need of a proper statistical justification to solidify its theoretical foundation. In this paper, we initiate a new skew normal family that enhances the skew-t model in [10] and [7].



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