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Designing the Architects Foundation According to Sustainable Development Approach

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Unfavorable environmental and climatic condition has been the inseparable principles of architecture and building, and recognition of the architecture and environment and mutual interaction between them, and creating an architecture coordinated with environment is one of the basic concepts in architectural designing which should be known and examined seriously. Hence, nowadays, environmental condition setting is widely discussed in academic and technical circles of architecture and building which aims to create architecture with maximum compatibility and benefit of environmental conditions and natural energies. Therefore, todays' architecture tries to create intelligent architecture in order to provide comfort for residents and utilize natural energies. This study attempted to present an appropriate design with a sustainable approach by reviewing the compatibility of architecture of architect houses and modern technology and methods. In the process of architect house designing has been tried to combine designing with an approach to energy consumption reduction in the building and in addition to beauty and efficiency beside the use of technology, it should be able to compatible with regional climate.



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