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Codification and Prioritization of Human Resources Strategies in Approach of SWOT and Fuzzy ANP (The Study of the state bank)

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In recent years, human resources had been found as a central position among organizations and also they included of strategic factor in order to managing an organization. Making guidance decisions and codifying a strategy in frame of human resources are similar to the designing a strategy in other organizations ; it is necessity to survey external environment and recognizing opportunities and also recognizing environmental treats and also checking internal environment in order to make clear strength and weakness points in this circuit. This research is about surveying internal and external banks' environment and creating SWOT's Matrix is due to arranging the system of human resources strategic of this bank in frame of Fuzzy ANP. The approach of this research is description and useful in order to increase the authenticity of a model. This research had been studied in one of the state bank (Bank Melli Iran (BMI). Assuming the dependence among strategic factors can substitute a number of priority strategies. In this research, WT had been chosen as a suitable choice. Hence, in this organization should reduce non-essential factors interposition in choosing and appointing managers in order to employ them in the bank and also this research express that it is necessary to revise teaching methods to learning multi skills from scholars and experts. According to creation of some substitutions in "guidance of organizations and groups" the organization should perform and explain among its personnel in context of meritocracy trend.



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