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Designing an integrated model based on the indicators Quality and Earned Value for risk management in Information Technology Projects

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There are two effective factors on Information Technology (IT) projects risk including quality and earned value so that by controlling these two factors and their increased level in IT projects, the corresponding risk can be decreased. Therefore in present study, an integrated model was designed based on quality and earned value indicators for risk management in IT projects on a new and efficient approach. The proposed algorithm included the steps such as preparing a list of several indicators of quality and earned value through experts and professionals’ comments and literature review, integrating the indicators quality and earned value and creating new indicators, modeling Fuzzy Delphi integrated approach and multivariate regression to determine the significant and effective indicators on projects risk, modeling network analysis process to determine efficacy of the significant and effective indicators on projects risk. The results indicated that quality indicators, earned value indicators and integrated quality and earned value indicators are effective on IT projects with different efficacies. Three key effective indicators on risk management of IT projects include experienced, knowledgeable individuals with high and updated skills in order to enhance project scheduling performance, suitable governance by the responsible, accountable and executive people after the project in order to decrease deviation of schedule and get a specific plan from beginning to end of the project to reduce nonconformities regarding the schedule.



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