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The purpose of this paper is to provide academics and managers with an insight to the cultural barriers involved in knowledge activities (knowledge management). Since 1990, knowledge management as one of the major factors for increasing productivity and organizational effectiveness in perspectives has been entered. An organization’s culture is one of the most important factors in effective KM. If an organization’s culture is not appropriate for a knowledge project, no amount of technology, content, or project management skills will make the project successful. Humans are the key element of knowledge activities, and then the kind of culture in institution for knowledge activities is critical and determining, However culture can be a major structural obstacle for the activities of knowledge management. A lot of organizations witch implemented knowledge management have expressed that their research shows that organizational culture is the main obstacle to the knowledge creation and sharing. In addition, many researchers have mentioned culture as one of the important factors that enables knowledge management. This paper attempts to discover relationships between the components of organizational culture with knowledge management activities (knowledge sharing) in order to create practical strategies for the establishment of effective organizational culture for effective knowledge activities.



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