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The present study was aimed to formulate and evaluate fast dissolving films of Rizatriptan using hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose. 5-HTiB and 5-HTiD antagonist which is an antimigraine. Hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose is used as film forming agent. Fast dissolving films are meant to be dissolved in saliva and remain in oral cavity until swallowed. Hence taste masking becomes critically important. The films are prepared by solvent evaporation method and characterized by UV studies. The suitable plasticizer and its concentration were selected on the basis of flexibility, folding endurance and stickiness of the film. In the present study propylene glycol was used as plasticizer. Films were evaluated for drug content and the drug loading capacity was found to be 99.96% per 2cm2 .The dissolution profile, disintegrating time and folding endurance were found to be satisfactory. Further, the optimized films were evaluated and it was found that the films disintegrate within 1 min and absence of bitterness in the film. Hence it is concluded that Rizatriptan H.P.M.C fast dissolving films are successfully developed and evaluated.



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